Here we hope to explain how we work and why we do things a little different to other stationers. We hope this makes us stand out from the crowd and why after so many years we are still a friendly, happy business.


 How we work


We work very much like other wedding businesses; however we are different to other stationers, we do charge a consultation fee if you book an evening consultation, we do apologise for this but in recent months we have hapeople who have wasted our time, and due to giving up an evening we feel that is only fair that this should be paid for. If you make an appoinment in business hours 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday you will not be charged.

The price we quote will include your guest names (if going with our couture range) and envelopes with your order.


Although we have two distinctive ranges the quality is not compromised and all our card and materials are of the highest quality. We refuse to compromise on this.


Payment is either 50% deposit or you can pay in full. The remaining balance if paying deposit only is due when you have received your samples.


Advice to brides


When choosing a stationery company, always be aware that a good company will have a comprehensive set of terms and conditions and will ask you to sign them when you place an order, a stationer who has not got these and you have a contract 'verbally' can have dire consequences when something does happen.


Always look around, your ideas come from inspiration and this means getting online and looking at different designs styles etc.

Try to get to wedding fayres; this is one good way of seeing someone's work up close and personal. They may look great online but when you pick them up they may not be all they seem. There also could be hidden costs.

Listen to your wedding stationer, they are the experts and although magazines are good, they, your stationer, will be best to advise you. For example if you getting married in the Holiday season which is also the traditional wedding season, it is advised that you give your wedding invites out at least the Christmas before. This gives your guests plenty of time to plan especially when alot of people chose to get married in the week, nowadays.


Have a realistic budget, we know times are hard and that for some every penny counts but please be realistic. If you need, Invites, order of services, place cards, tableplan etc please keep in mind you are looking at a minimum of £350 upwards. Of course this depends on style and quantity but this is a realistic figure when thinking about the stationery for your big day.


Other suppliers: We do recommend other suppliers if you are looking for photography, florists, venue dressers etc. We only recommend people we trust and have worked with on a regular basis, in the past.





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